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    Why it is important:

    Materials purchased for our construction projects have a considerable environmental and social impact. We need to understand our supply chain better before we can manage the impacts of materials used on our construction projects.

    Our engagement with stakeholders:

    We engage with suppliers of construction materials on a regular basis through general supply chain relations. Our focus will shift in the next reporting period to understanding and managing our supply chain impacts better and engaging meaningfully with our suppliers of construction materials to source products and services responsibly.

    Our management approach:

    Objective: Source products and services responsibly.

    Management: Our Director of Design and Construction oversees procurement of materials for construction activities.

    Measurement: Product categories that are considered for sustainable procurement.

     Our 2016 results:
    • Established a central procurement function
    Our future programs and initiatives:
    • Develop a responsible sourcing policy for materials as part of centralised procurement
    • Develop a responsible sourcing policy for general procurement
    • Establish a responsible procurement framework for the ongoing management, monitoring and review of suppliers for one product category