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    Why it is important:

    Construction and operational waste are significant aspects of our environmental impact. Operational waste to landfill is the largest contributor to Scentre Group’s indirect emissions. Across our portfolio and development pipeline, we generate substantial amounts of demolition and construction waste materials.

    Our engagement with stakeholders:

    We engage retailers through on-boarding training, awareness programs, training on infrastructure available in centres and waste assessments to achieve reductions in waste and improvements in recycling. We engage with environmental authorities to access programs of benefit to our retailers. We work in collaboration with our waste services providers to deliver improved outcomes in waste management and recycling. Our facilities managers meet on a regular basis with our waste service providers to identify efficiencies and potential operational improvements. We engage with our cleaning providers to help achieve recycling targets for each asset.

    Our management approach:

    Objective: Increase the amount of waste diverted from landfill, and increase recycling.

    Management: Our National Facilities team develops the waste and recycling strategy for operating assets in collaboration with our national service provider. The National Facilities team assists our facilities managers at centres with the implementation of our waste strategy and monitoring of waste performance. The National Facilities team monitors and reports waste performance and provides monthly reports to senior management. Our facilities managers and cleaning contractors engage with tenants to ensure the assets meet waste and recycling targets. In our construction activities, contractors are expected to be able to report on recycling of construction waste, which is monitored by the project contract administrator.

    Measurement: Organisational targets are being developed and we continue to set asset-specific targets in regards to operational waste to incentivise facilities teams to improve their performance. We measure overall performance through the amount of waste diverted from landfill.

     Our 2016 results:
    • Audited all shopping centre dock locations for adherence to loading dock and waste area best practice
    • Developed a waste management plan for each asset
    • Investigated organic waste recycling technologies for recycling source-separated food waste from cafes, food, and fresh fruit and vegetable retailers
    • Continued to work with waste service providers to improve understanding and waste reporting
    Our future programs and initiatives:
    • Continue implementing the waste and recycling strategy
    • Continue rollout of refreshed waste and recycling signage
    • Review and update minimum waste design criteria for loading dock areas
    • Develop and deliver annual waste and recycling training to centre teams, retailers and cleaners