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    Mates help mates at Westfield North Lakes


    At our Westfield North Lakes redevelopment, the team ensured that everyone was supported to bring their whole selves to work through their Health and Wellness program.

    Health and wellbeing

    The program offered support for general health and wellbeing, quitting smoking, making healthy eating choices and personal training sessions. As part of our strategic objective to nurture a healthy culture, the project also partnered with Mates in Construction to build awareness and give people tools to prevent male suicide.

    The Health and Wellness program experienced high participation from managers and team members. Participants said they felt empowered to contribute to a positive workplace, and cared-for by each other and the business.

    “Within a group of six tilers working on site, five were smokers. After the three-month quit smoking campaign, all five had quit.”

    – Jeff Garing, Mall General Foreman, North Lakes.