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    What is relevant to Scentre Group?


    In delivering our strategic sustainability priorities, we continue to test and refine their relevance to our stakeholders. Our Sustainable Business Framework guides us in managing our impact on stakeholders.


    Prioritising the most important issues

    In 2015 we engaged our stakeholders on prioritising material risks and opportunities in relation to sustainability. The material issues identified, validated and prioritised by stakeholders were endorsed by our executive team, and informed the development of our Sustainable Business Framework and our three-year Sustainable Business Roadmap.

    In 2016, we have continued on our stakeholder engagement and sustainability materiality journey. We conducted our first employee engagement survey and scored an impressive 85% for favourable engagement. We have also collected feedback from 29,000 community members that will help us tailor meaningful community programs to achieve our purpose of enriching communities. The major surveys are helping us to test and validate material issues for some of the most significant stakeholder groups.

    Reporting on material issues

    Displayed on the next page is how each material issue impacts our stakeholder groups. Disclosures of Management Approach (DMA) are available on the GRI section of the website. Where it has not been possible to disclose information, omissions and reasons for non-disclosure have been noted in the GRI G4 content index.


    Our stakeholders

    A number of internal and external stakeholders have an interest in Scentre Group’s business:

    • Internal stakeholders are our staff and contractors working in the various teams of our business: design and construction, development, leasing and retailer relations, human resources, customer experience, group risk and our leadership team.

    • External stakeholders comprise our community of retail and brand partners, suppliers and service providers, co-owners, security holders, industry groups and the communities in which we serve and operate.

    A snapshot of how we have engaged our stakeholders on each material issue is provided in the DMA.

    Our stakeholders’ views and interests are important to Scentre Group. This diagram represents how aspects of our environmental, social and economic performance have a direct or indirect impact on each stakeholder group. These were identified through ongoing engagement with our stakeholders and has subsequently informed the content of this report to ensure we address those concerns.